Frequently Asked Questions on Zara Perfumes

Are Zara perfumes good?

Zara’s fragrances are rather inexpensive, so with that in mind, they’re worth the price. The scents can be unoriginal, with some mimicking those of the more high-end brands. With a little bit of luck, you’ll easily find a good Zara fragrance. 

Is Zara perfume long lasting?

Wearers of Zara fragrances report them lasting only up to 4 hours on average. Some of the EDPs do last a little longer and will last nearly the whole day.   

Why do people like Zara perfumes

Much like Zara’s apparel, its fragrances are dupes of designer perfumes. It is very apparent from the packaging. The components are usually nice and heavy, giving customers the illusion of luxury and exclusivity. This is actually a compliment to Zara, as the fragrances would not look out of place next to your more expensive ones.

As you would expect, the fragrances cost no more than K1,500  for a full size bottle of 100 ml. What can you expect for that price? Of course, the quality does not compare to Guerlain or Tom Ford, but neither does the price! The price point makes up for the short longevity of the fragrances. For perfumes going for as low as K450, you can afford to reapply as often as you need.

Some scents are lacking originality to say the least, but they are pleasant nonetheless. Zara offers great fragrances for everyday wear. The perfumes are not anything you would wear to a gala dinner, but again, the quality is in line with the price.

Zara is targeting the younger population with its fragrances. Even though you might not find an outstanding perfume or cologne you will fall in love with, there are several fragrances well-worth your money!

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